The Rental Specialists specialise in property management around the Sydney metro area.

Clients typically come to The Rental Specialists when they have an investment property that’s vacant and they need to find a new tenant, or when they already have their property managed by another property manager and the property manager is not living up to the owner’s expectations.

Choosing a property manager for your investment property is critical.

Property management is an integral piece of the investment puzzle and so many people, unfortunately, leave the choice of property manager to the last minute. Typically, they forget about who their property manager will be until it’s too late and they think to themselves, oh, I’ve got to find a tenant.

We’re really encouraging people to be proactive about thinking about who their property manager’s going to be for their investment property. Even before they find a property that they want to purchase, even when they’ve just started looking for their investment opportunities, bring a property manager on board then.

We offer an investor support service. We’ll come and check out any property that our clients, or potential clients, are considering to purchase and we’ll give them our professional recommendations about what they can do to potentially maximise the returns. We’ll give them information about market activity analysis and it’s all complimentary and allows those purchases to make an imformed decision before they actually sign on the dotted line.

An ideal client for the Rental Specialists is anybody who owns an investment property already and finds the service that they’re receiving from their current property manager complacent, a little bit lacking in any respect.

Because we only specialise in property management we provide a very personalised, end-to-end service that encompasses absolutely everything to do with that particular property.

Another ideal client is somebody who’s new to property investing and doesn’t know what they need to know, and we’ll guide them step-by-step through the whole process and make it really easy and stress free for them.

A final thought, please don’t be complacent about your choice of property manager. Property management is incredibly important.

We’re here to help you maximise the returns for your investment.

We’re here to eliminate the stress, complexity and headache of owning an investment property and leasing it out.

The quickest way to get in touch with us is by telephone on 1300 028 038 or by email, [email protected].


Happy Renting!