We realise that tenants deal with a bit of a legacy issue where they’re treated and communicated with as though they’re not as important as the property owner/landlord. It’s true that for property managers the lines are very clear that we act for the landlord; far too often, though, that puts is in an adversarial position with us rather than a collaborative one.


The Rental Specialists are different, and we trust that once you’re a tenant of ours you’ll agree.


You can expect to always be treated fairly and with honesty. You can also expect that your communications with us will be two way, ie: we will respond to your emails in a timely manner, and keep you updated and informed about maintenance and other such things; and you’ll also find that we’re pro-active in lease renewals giving you the security that you need whilst renting.


And for as long as you’re a tenant with The Rental Specialists you’ll receive invitations to educational events that we may host from time to time to help you make sense of the property market and how best you can jump onto the property ladder, should you so wish.


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