Apply For Your New Home

Before you apply for your new home you need to be aware of some important information.  Please read and understand Discrimination and Your Privacy

When you apply for your new home please make sure you have all the information you need first. We can’t process incomplete applications and if you don’t include the information required processing your application will be put on hold till we receive it all.

Information you’ll need to attach to your application includes:

  • Drivers licence or passport for identification purposes
  • Proof of rental history: Printout of tenancy history ledger from your current property manager
  • Proof of current address: Utility statements (no greater than six months old) or Council rates notice for property owner
  • Proof of income: Last 3 pay slips or bank statement evidencing regular wages/salary deposit or tax returns and business registration confirmation for the self employed
  • Copy of last routine inspection report from your current property manager
  • References from current and/or former property manager for your proposed animal plus photographs of the proposed animal you seek approval to keep within the property
  • Any other additional information/document you feel will assist your application

In addition to the above, 100 points must be provided from the list below for Identification and Privacy Compliance (Only one document per category is counted):

70 Points – Primary documents – Birth certificate, Birth card (issued by the New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages), Citizenship certificate, Current passport.
40 Points – Secondary Documents – Must have a photograph and a name – Driver licence issued by an Australian State or Territory, Roads and Maritime Services (formerly RTA) photocard, identification card issued to a public employee, An identification card issued to a student at a tertiary education institution, Veteran Affairs Card, Government Phone ID.
35 Points – Must have name and address on it – Council rates notice, Reference from your current employer / previous employer within the last two years
25 Points – Must have name and signature on – Marriage certificate (for maiden name only), Foreign driver licence, Medicare card (signature not required)
25 Points – Must have name and address on – Records of a public utility – phone, water, gas or electricity bill, Lease/rent agreement, Rent receipt from a licensed real estate agent

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