About Us

If you are a business-savvy landlord or investor who is looking for an exceptional property management and investment partner who is with you all the way, you’ve come to the right place.

Just as with a business, it is vital to gather a great team around you that propels your rental property and investments forward.

The Rental Specialists help you run your rental property and investments as a business, so that you get the most value of if it over the long-term, always in a safe and secure way.

We’ve got your back and will always be open and honest with you.  Your best interests are at the core of our relationship, we are with you all the way!

Your success and growth are vitally important to us and we want the best possible outcome for you.  Since 1997 we’ve been fully committed to the success of our clients and to leading our industry with professionalism and care.

We have an outstanding reputation and a proven track record of being a reliable partner with unquestionable integrity.  We look after your assets, tenants and future investments like we look after our own.  We are determined to make a positive impact for every client we work with.

Whether you are new to property investing, or already have a portfolio, we understand you and are here to guide you through the property investment journey.  With many years of experience as investors in the property market ourselves, we understand what it’s like to have ‘skin in the game’.  We will always find the right approach, helping you thrive and expand your investment portfolio.

When you surround yourself with a loyal and trusted team, it makes all the difference.  Partnering with us, you’ll find us pro-active, reliable and knowledgeable.  We are not order takers.  We always put the honest truth on the table.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest possible rate of return, while ensuring their asset is well maintained and their tenants are well looked after.  We are always focused on the best outcome for all and everything involved.

We not only care more, but also think further.  It’s an absolute given that we manage your assets with the highest level of care.  But we do so much more.  We stretch your thinking and provide strategic insights that will help you make the best choices.

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to enhance your assets and the value.  We’ll give you access to our trusted industry partners, who are 100% aligned with our values and quality standards.  We truly take property management to the next level.

Exceptional, all the way.

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