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Switching to The Rental Specialists is easy and starts with us having a conversation. Simple.

Think of it like a discovery session. We want to get to know you, your property and the goals, aspirations and plans you have for the property and your portfolio in general. No doubt you’ll also have a lot of questions for us too.

Once we’ve met and agreed that we’ll be a great fit together, all we need is the authority to act on your behalf. This is in the form of a Management Agency Agreement. We’ll email it over to you and it’ll need to be signed by each of the owners of the property/properties.

Just keep in mind that if your property is already managed by a property manager you’ll need to comply with the notice period stated on the agreement with that property manager, but we can help you negotiate this if you don’t want to wait out any notice period.

Once that’s done, we’ll take care of the rest; we’ll notify the current property manager on your behalf and we’ll also notify the current tenant.

After we’ve collected the file from the former property manager we’ll make arrangements to meet with your tenant and undertake an inspection of the property to familiarise ourselves with it.

You won’t regret it – you’ll love us. But just in case, remember to ask us about our Love Us or Leave Us policy. You won’t find it anywhere else!

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Let’s start a conversation

Let’s Start a Conversation


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