The Extra Extras

Most landlords already have an understanding of what property managers do. They lease properties, collect rent, arrange repairs and sometimes inspect the properties too, right? Wrong.

The Rental Specialists does so much more.

Not only do we provide the ‘standard’ services that one expects from property managers, and not only have we created immense value in what we do, but we do it all “The Rental Specialists Way”!



It’s our pro-active nature of doing things; simple things like picking up repair items during inspections instead of waiting for the tenant to report it once the small issue has become a big problem; or the scheduled monthly drive-by’s we do to make sure the lawns are being maintained (with photo!).

It’s our way of being communicative and transparent with you; such as the video reports we do for our ingoings, outgoings and routines at no additional costs to you; or the recommendations we make that could maximise not only your rental returns but your overall capital returns.  Once the conversation has started, we like to keep it going!

It’s the exceptional value we’ve infused into our service; such as no additional fees when renewing leases and preparing new lease agreements for existing tenancies; or the scheduled multiple routine inspections per year; or the end of financial year reports at no additional cost; or the floor plans we include in our marketing at no cost.

As a landlord and property investor “The Rental Specialists Way” is your key to stress free, headache free investing and portfolio growth.  It’s your advantage.



As your trusted advisors we, along with our associates, have the experience to maximise your investment returns, minimise your risks and help you grow your wealth.

As a Premium or Platinum client of The Rental Specialists you’ll have access to even more tools and resources to help you along your property investment journey, such as:

  • Annual portfolio review sessions to help optimise and grow your investment portfolio,
  • Private, invitation only, presentations and information sessions on all things property investment related
  • An exclusive investor support service which includes inspecting and providing professional advice, opinion and recommendation, on any property you may be considering purchasing and adding to your portfolio.  And it remains at no cost – even if you don’t end up purchasing the property – even if you don’t end up joining The Rental Specialists!

It’s property management, but it’s about more than just managing properties.

It’s property management excellence.

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