What does reasonably clean even mean?

“But it’s cleaner now than when I moved in”

This phrase is one that property managers hear on an almost daily basis!

The Residential Tenancy Agreement says that a tenant agrees “to leave the residential premises reasonably clean…..” But what does “reasonably clean” mean?

After all, everyone’s idea of clean is different, and everyone’s idea of reasonable is also different, and it’s been at the heart of many an argument at the end of a tenancy.

We define reasonably clean as this:

“reasonably clean” is where a surface, item or thing is completely free from dirt, marks or stains and can not be further enhanced by washing, scrubbing, brushing or wiping it.

We think this is a good definition for people to refer to when considering whether something is clean or not.

It’s worth considering including a definition of clean in your lease agreement – it might just help avoid an argument.

Happy Renting!