Thinking of renting your home but dread the thought of fixing up the front of your property?

A well-presented frontage is important for ensuring prospective tenants stop and want to come inside.  Fortunately there are plenty of quick, cost-effective measures you can do so your property oozes street appeal!



Make sure you have a good look at your front door and porch area. If the door looks weathered with faded or flaking paint, give it a sand and repaint to freshen it up. If your door is in good condition a wipe over to remove any dirt and cobwebs is all that is needed.
If the front porch is lacking some colour or interest, two pot plants either side of the door will give it a lift. Finally sweep the ground and wipe down any chairs or furniture you may have.


Weed and mulch the garden beds so they are neat and tidy.  Shrubs and trees should also look well maintained so give them a clip where needed. Some plants may need to be replaced if they are in poor condition. If you’re not sure what plants will suit the house or existing garden, ask for advice at your local garden centre.


The letterbox is often over-looked but it is one of the first things on the property tenants see when they are looking for the house number. If your letterbox is metal or wood ensure it is in good condition and straight. Check that the numbers don’t need to be cleaned or replaced. If the bins are nearby, try to move them out of view.


Driveways take up a large portion of the property’s front so they should look modern and tidy. Any sections of uneven pavers should be lifted and re-laid. If you have a painted concrete driveway ensure the colour is modern and not peeling otherwise give it a coat of suitable paint. A high pressure hose can clean off years of dirt and stains. If you have an open carport remove any items that don’t need to be there and give it a good sweep. If you have a garage door ensure it is in good working condition and well-presented.


With just a few hours work and not a huge budget you can dramatically increase the street appeal of your property and encourage more groups to come through at inspection time.  Most landlords can complete these jobs themselves but if you need some recommendations to people who can help, please let us know and we’ll put you in touch with our trusted trades.