Smoke alarm batteries – whose responsibility is it?

Today we’re having a quick conversation about smoke alarms and whether it is the tenant’s responsibility to replace batteries in the smoke alarm, or whether it’s the landlord’s responsibility to replace the smoke- replace the batteries in the smoke alarm.

The landlord is responsible for the installation of the smoke alarms, and the maintenance, and repair the smoke alarms, and they are allowed to access the property to effect any repairs and maintenance that’s required (provided proper notice has been given to the tenant).

It is the tenant, however, who is responsible and needs to replace the batteries in the smoke alarms. It’s noted in the REINSW Residential Tenancy Agreement at 16.4.

It’s a good idea for the landlord, though, to adopt best practice and replace the batteries in between tenancies. And that’s what we encourage our landlords to do.

Happy Renting!