The Application, Assessment and Lease Signing Process


  1. The Rental Specialists is a member of National Tenancy Database (NTD), Tenancy Reference Australia (TRA) and Tenancy Information Centre Australia Pty Ltd (TICA) hereafter referred to as “Tenancy Databases”. Every application for tenancy submitted to our office is processed through these Tenancy Databases.  Any information provided by you on your application may be passed on to the Tenancy Databases in the event of a default occurring.  By submitting your application you acknowledge that if you are registered with the Tenancy Databases as a defaulter then The Rental Specialists may reject your application.  Further, you acknowledge that if you breach your obligations under any tenancy agreement with The Rental Specialists you may be listed on the Tenancy Databases by us until the breach is resolved.
  2. By completing a tenancy application you are authorising The Rental Specialists to conduct an enquiry with the Tenancy Databases and to make any other search or enquiry deemed necessary to validate any of the information provided by you in your application. The result of any search will then be used to assess your application.
  3. To complete your application you are required to answer all questions to the best of your ability. Should false information be provided it is likely your application will be rejected.
  4. The completion and submission of your tenancy application does not constitute an offer or acceptance of your application.
  5. An application will not be considered unless all applicant tenants have completed a physical inspection of the proposed property in the company of an employee of The Rental Specialists.
  6. Each person over the age of 18 who intends to reside at the property must complete a tenancy application.
  7. You are required to provide sufficient supporting documents, including 100 points of identification, with your application. The full list of the documents required is below.  Only one document per category is accepted.


Primary Documents

70 Points

Birth Certificate, Birth Card (issued by NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages), Citizen Certificate, Current Passport
Secondary Documents

40 Points

Must contain a photograph and full name – Driver Licence issued by an Australian State or Territory, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS, formerly RTA) photo card, Identification card issued to a public employee, Identification card issued to a student at a tertiary education institution, Veteran Affairs card
35 Points Must contain name and current address – Council rates notice,
25 Points Must contain name and signature – Marriage Certificate (for maiden name only), Foreign driver licence, Medicare Card (signature not required)
25 Points Must contain name and address – Records of a public utility, ie gas, water, phone, mobile phone bill


If you’re not able to meet the 100 check points please have a conversation with us about it.



  1. The Rental Specialists won’t process an incomplete application. All information required must be submitted to enable the assessment process to commence.
  2. The Rental Specialists is a member of National Tenancy Database (NTD), Tenancy Reference Australia (TRA) and Tenancy Information Centre Australia. All applications submitted to The Rental Specialists will be run through these databases to ensure no defaults have been listed.
  3. The Rental Specialists endeavours to complete application processing within 48 hours, however, this is not guaranteed. To assist, please ask your referees to reply to our reference requests as quickly as possible.
  4. You will only be invited to pay a holding deposit to secure the property in your favour if your application has been approved.



  1. Upon approval of your application, you’ll be asked to pay a holding deposit equivalent to one (1) week’s rent. This is required to hold the property exclusively in your favour.  Payment can only be made by BPay and must be made within 24 hours of approval to secure the property in your favour.  We’ll provide you with the necessary BPay details once we’ve had a conversation with you about your approval.  The property won’t be taken off our rental list until a holding deposit is paid and the payment is cleared in our Trust Account.
  2. The Rental Specialists reserves the right to accept more than one application on any one property. No property will be removed from our list of available properties unless a holding deposit equivalent to one week’s rent has been paid.




Prior to you signing the Residential Tenancy Agreement (lease) you must pay your Rental Bond by direct credit online to Rental Bonds Online.  Rental Bonds Online is a bond holding service managed by the Office of Fair Trading.  We’ll provide you with information so you can set up your account if you haven’t used Rental Bonds Online before.

Your bond is the equivalent of four (4) weeks rent.  You can’t sign your lease or collect keys to your new home without paying your bond first.

When paying your Rental Bond to Rental Bonds Online please be aware that if you choose to make your payment by BPay it may take several days before being received by Rental Bonds Online.  This delay may result in you not being granted access to the property at a time convenient to you.  Instead we suggest you consider making your payment by Visa card or Mastercard as these payments appear to Rental Bonds Online overnight.



You need to pay the first two (2) week’s rent at the beginning of your tenancy.

If you’ve paid a holding deposit (usually equivalent to one (1) week’s rent) this will be put towards the first two week’s rent, then prior to signing the lease you’ll need to pay the remaining one (1) weeks rent.

In the unlikely event that you haven’t paid a holding deposit you’ll be required to pay the full first two week’s rent.  We don’t accept cash.  We’ll provide you with one-off-single-use BPay details specifically for this payment once your application is approved.



If you are selected as the successful applicant for a property it is important to note the following:

  1. The Rental Specialists does not accept cash. The initial payment/s must be paid by BPay prior to signing the lease.  We’ll provide you with one-off-single-use BPay details to enable you to make the payment/s.
  2. It’s preferable that the lease and other documents be signed by electronic means. Electronically signing is a quick, convenient and easy way to sign the lease at a time that is convenient to you – and it means that you don’t need to find time in your busy schedule to come to us to do the paperwork. It also allows each signing party to sign the documents whilst in separate locations.  The electronic process is completely trackable and traceable so no-one can say that they didn’t receive the documents or didn’t sign the documents.  You’ll be required to prove your identity before starting the signing process, and then you’ll be guided through each of the documents that need to be signed.
  3. If you can’t do an electronic signing then an appointment will be booked into a busy schedule, and all parties that need to sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement must attend at the same appointment. If you are late for your appointment you may have to wait until a break occurs in our schedule. If you cannot attend at the agreed appointed time please call our office at least 24 hours prior to the appointment so that we can provide an alternative date and time.
  4. All parties who are required to sign the lease must sign the lease. No keys will be issued unless all parties have executed the agreement and all rent and bond monies paid.
  5. It’s a requirement that you provide an original bank statement relating to the account from which the rent will be debited each fortnight (or calendar month) when completing the Direct Debit Request Authority. A screen shot of your internet banking isn’t acceptable.
  6. Once the leases and other documents have been signed by all parties we can arrange for you to take possession of the keys to your new home.



Prospective tenants who apply to rent a property from The Rental Specialists acknowledge the following:

  1. Applicants solemnly declare that the information provided on their application is true and accurate in every regard.
  2. Applicants understand that should they be accepted as the tenant for the property that they will be required to pay the equivalent of 6 weeks rent (being the equivalent of 4 weeks rent as a residential bond directly to the Rental Bond Board and the first 2 weeks rent to The Rental Specialists) and that these amounts will be paid before or at the time the Residential Tenancy Agreement is executed.
  3. Applicants affirm that they have read and understood the following:
  • all information provided in their application
  • all information provided in the “The Application, Assessment and Lease Signing Process” (this document)
  • all information provided in the “How Your Rental Payments Are Managed” document
  1. Applicants understand that The Rental Specialists accepts rent payments only via direct debit from their nominated bank account. When signing the Residential Tenancy Agreement the applicant will be expected to execute a form of direct debit on their nominated bank and account for an amount not less than the fortnightly (or calendar monthly) rent for the subject property.  Direct debits of rent occur every fortnight during the tenancy, except in the case of tenancies where the tenant has requested to make payments once per calendar month.
  2. Applicants agree that their current and/or previous agent can provide any and all information pertaining to their current or previous tenancy including but not limited to rent ledgers and condition reports. The Applicant provides their full permission to their current and/or previous agent to release any such information to The Rental Specialists as and when requested.